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Why choose Teemore Engineering for your Housing Ventilation?

  • Guaranteed Quality Ventilation Systems

    Our range of ventilation systems are constructed with high-quality materials and components that are designed to withstand the demands of daily use on the farm. This can help to ensure that the system remains in good condition and provides reliable ventilation and air quality control for cows.

  • Bespoke Ventilation Solutions for Your Needs

    We offer bespoke cow ventilation systems to meet the specific needs of individual farms and herds. This can help to ensure that the system provides optimal ventilation and air quality for cows, which can promote better health and productivity.

  • Effective Air Movement for Cow Health

    The design of our range of cow ventilation systems is intended to create effective air movement throughout the facility, which can help to remove moisture, odours, and harmful gases, and provide fresh air for the cows.

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