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Sheep & Goat Equipment

Why choose Teemore Engineering for your Sheep & Goat Equipment?

  • Long-Lasting Equipment for Sheep and Goats

    We take pride in manufacturing housing equipment with the highest quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability. This is particularly important when it comes to equipment for sheep and goats, as it needs to withstand the animals’ wear and tear.

  • Flexible, Innovative Sheep and Goat Equipment

    Our design team have applied years of experience into developing our housing equipment for sheep and goats. From continuous trough systems to adjustable dimensions, our products have innovative features that maximize the efficiency and safety of livestock handling, housing and feeding.

  • Bespoke Sheep and Goat Solutions for Your Needs

    We offer bespoke sheep and goat facilities that are designed and manufactured to suit your specific handling, housing and feeding requirements. By working with the company’s experts, you can create a customised solution that provides optimal comfort, safety, and efficiency for your animals.

Sheep & goats housing equipment

We realise housing equipment for goats and sheep are extremely important in securing your animals wellbeing. That’s why, at Teemore Engineering, we ensure that the products we manufacture are of the highest quality, from headlocks and feeders to handling equipment.

Our design team have applied years of their experience into the manufacturing of our housing equipment and take pride in our unique range.

Our range of sheep & goat feeders

The Teemore Engineering feeder range features fully galvanised hay racks to attachable troughs and round bale feeders. Our metal throughs are a continuous trough system and mount directly to the 42mm posts on the headlock barriers.

Outdoor feeders

We manufacture and stock a wide variety of outdoor feeders ideal for lambs, sheep and goats. Our round bale feeder comes with 24 head spaces, fully galvanised and is manufactured with robust construction for reassurance on long-lasting properties.

Our open double hay rack trough is 2.6m long, features an optional roof and comes fully galvanised.

Lamb Creep

At Teemore Engineering, we realise that it is important to inspire lambs to eat on their own, so they gain weight. Our design team have manufactured a top-of-the-range lamb creep feeder which is 2.4m long and has adjustable head spaces to restrict ewes when creeping. The feeder comes with 250mm rubber wheels and contains an easy exit design which eliminates head trapping and reduces the loss of tags.

Sheep & goat headlocks

We offer a selective range of goat and sheep headlocks suitable for indoor usage. Both products can be fitted with a trough feeder which is easily mounted onto the headlock’s posts.

It is important to make your animals as comfortable as possible, our design and manufacturing team take pride in developing products which tick off all your important requirements.

Our goat and sheep headlocks feature a continuous system with posts located to the back of the headlocks and both have a selection of different size options. Additionally, if required, we supply a control handle which is required for a maximum of six sections.

Sheep handling equipment

At Teemore Engineering, we realise that handling equipment for your sheep needs to be secure, understanding your flocks’ behaviour is equally important whilst using handling equipment. We provide equipment that takes these requirements into consideration and maximises the safety of your sheep.

Our sheep rollover crate features a galvanised weighing scale which is complete with a front and back gate. Wheel and handles are fitted as standard and the weight scale features a 200kg mechanical weigh head.

Additionally, our sheep weighing bridge is adjustable in width and height and can be incorporated into a race system.

Bespoke sheep facilities

At Teemore Engineering, we offer bespoke sheep facilities that are designed and manufactured for your sheep handling, housing and feeding requirements. Our priority is to keep your animals secure and to create an easy solution for providing food, water and hay as well as simplifying the overall handling of your animals.

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