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Mats & Mattresses

Why choose Teemore Engineering for your Mats & Mattresses?

  • Safe and Secure Resting Environment

    We offer cow mats and mattresses that allow your herd to feel safe and secure in a clean and comfortable environment, with confidence in their footing. This reduces stress and injury risk, improves efficiency and overall health of the cows.

  • High Quality Mat Solutions

    Our range of long-lasting and cost-effective cow mats and mattresses provide comfort and support due to their high-quality materials and robust construction. They are engineered to withstand a farm environment, reducing the need for frequent replacements and repairs.

  • Reduced Maintenance Labour Mats

    The non-porous nature of our cow mats and mattresses promote minimal maintenance and an easy cleaning process, while making them resistant to moisture and odours. Their hygienic nature enhances animal welfare and productivity.

Cow Mats and Mattresses

At Teemore Engineering we know that the comfort of cows is paramount for dairy farmers. We carry a range of cow mattresses that allow your herd to feel safe and secure in a clean and comfortable environment, with confidence in their footing. All of which results in less risk of stress and injury, increased efficiency in movement and an improved milk yield by increasing lying time and rumination.

Research has shown that there are many benefits to dairy farmers in having the correct flooring for their cows. Typically, cows will get up and down around 25 times per day. When cows lie down they press on their front carpal. When this becomes painful they will resist the urge to lie down. This disturbance to their natural pattern can result in lower milk yield per cow. It is therefore essential to encourage cattle to follow their natural behavior. Our flooring and mattress products have been selected to do exactly this.

Cow Mattresses

Teemore Engineering have mattress solutions to fit a range of different cow types with different levels of mattress softness and other features available to suit your cattle.

  • Aquaclim Mattress – The first cooling water mattress for cows to fight heat stress
  • Elista Mattress – Made using latex foam for exceptional comfort for your cows
  • Optima Mattress – The only continuous mattress that boasts a built-in slope for better drainage
  • Louisiane Mattress – Fantastic longevity for higher levels of wear and tear
  • Teemore Plastic Pillow – Helps improve cubicle cleanliness and ensure correct lying position
  • Tempa MattressLatex foam wrapped with a polythene cover eliminating moisture

We also offer the strongest rubber Top Cover on the market which provides outstanding coverage as well as:

  • Easy-clean moulded edges
  • Secure zig zag grooves that retain sawdust
  • Efficient drainage grooves at heel stone
  • Non-abrasive surface to eliminate skin damage

Cubicle Rubber

Our cubicle studded rubber rolls come in a number of different widths to suit a range of cubicle sizes. The use of natural rubber and the presence of a textile inlay mean our cubicle rubber rolls offer outstanding durability as well as excellent comfort.

Cubicle Mats

We have a collection of interlocking and easy to install cubicle mats available with 2 to 5 year warranties. Our cubicle mats come in differing widths and lengths to suit a number of different cubicle styles and requirements and range from 17mm to 30mm in thickness.

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