Galvanized steel & heavy-duty plastic

Feeders & Troughs

Why choose Teemore Engineering for your Feeders & Troughs?

  • Strong and Durable Feeding Systems

    Our range of cow feeders and troughs are constructed with high-quality materials, such as galvanized steel and heavy-duty plastic, that are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use on the farm. This can help to ensure that the feeders and troughs remain in good condition and provide a reliable source of nutrition for cows.

  • Easily Maintained Feeders and Troughs

    The smooth surfaces and simple designs of Teemore cow feeders and troughs make them easy to clean and maintain, which can help to reduce the risk of disease transmission and promote better hygiene in the barn.

  • Flexible Feeding Solutions

    We offer a range of solutions of cow feeders and troughs, allowing you to meet the specific needs of your individual farm and herd. This can help to ensure that the feeding system provides optimal nutrition for cows, promoting better health and productivity.

Teemore Cattle

We supply a range of award winning feeders to suit all livestock requirements, from Large Stand-Alone Feeders such as the Square Feeder and Calf Creep Feeder, to Hay Racks and Hang on Gate Feeders.

Decades of working closely with farmers means our attention to quality and detail is matched by the strength and robustness of our feeders, ensuring they are both long lasting and secure. Time and again our customers comment on the quality and effectiveness of these products, so we can happily say “we provide the best feeders in the business”.

Cattle Feeders

Our range of cattle feeders are all fully galvanised and designed with the safety and comfort of the animal in mind, to ensure feed is both accessible and safe from contaminants.

Our 2-3 metre Creep Feeder features a removable pen that can be raised for feeding larger animals as well as a deep trough to avoid spillages. We have Hang on Gate Feeders and Hang on Troughs that fit all 4 and 5 bar gates, with hinged lid for easier filling.

4 Sided Cattle Feeders

All of our 4 Sided Feeders are available in both 12 and 14 space options, come complete with a roof to protect the feed from harmful weather conditions, and feature a solid floor that is raised off the ground for easier feeding and to help reduce feed wastage.

The range includes a Headlock Feeder which is perfect for catching cattle in the yard with minimal disruption, a Diagonal Feeder with tag safe diagonal barriers, a Tombstone Feeder for horned cattle, and a Horned Cattle Feeder which is ideal for bigger cattle and bulls.

Cattle Feeding Barriers and Feed Rails

We provide both Diagonal Feed Barriers and Feston Barriers, as well as supplying made to order Timber Diagonal Feed Barriers.

Our cattle feed rails include the 2 Bar Feed Rail, which is designed for beef cows, and the 3 Bar Feed Rail, which is suitable for all stock types.

Our range of barriers and feed rails are all tag friendly, and are uniquely designed to reduce as much waste as possible, whilst also eliminating the chance of calves escaping. Our barrier collection comes in a number of different size options, and with adjustable end pieces.

Cattle Feeders

The heavy-duty design of our range of Cattle Hay Racks makes them effective, durable and excellent value for money. Our range includes:

With a variety of top quality Cattle Feeders available, we’re sure to have a solution to meet your needs. Get in touch to discuss your own requirements on +44(0)28 6774 8377 or

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