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Equine Equipment

Why choose Teemore Engineering for your Equine Equipment?

  • Long-Lasting Equipment for Horses

    Designed and built to last, our range of equine equipment is designed and built to last, using strong and durable materials. Our focus on quality ensures that the equipment can withstand daily wear and tear, providing horse owners with a reliable and long-lasting solution.

  • Flexible, Adaptable Equine Equipment

    Our range of equine equipment allow customisation to meet the specific needs of horse owners. With a range of adjustable and galvanized fences suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, as well as equine feeders and stables designed for maximum comfort and safety, we can provide bespoke solutions that cater to individual requirements.

  • User-Friendly Horse Equipment

    Our Equine Equipment is designed to be practical and user-friendly. With our years of experience, we prioritise safety, comfort, and ease of use in our products. Our equipment is built with strong construction and designed for quick and easy installation, making it a practical choice for horse owners.

Teemore horse feeders, stables, matting, waterers and panels

We supply a full range of equine housing equipment, from four-sided feeders to coral panels and steel gates. From our years of experience, we realise that it is important to keep your horse’s surroundings practical, safe, pleasing and comfortable. All of which we prioritize whilst designing and manufacturing our livestock products.

Equestrian gates & fencing

At Teemore Engineering, we provide a wide range of adjustable and galvanised fences suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Our range of equine fencing include; coral panels which come with four different panel options, a quick installation process and are lightweight for ease of transportation. We also stock a 3-bar division fence which is available as a panel or with a steel spring latch gate with an adjustable eye bolt for an easier installation.

We realise fencing for horses need to be safe and adequate, they need to be sturdy and allow the horses as much free exercise as possible. Our experienced design team have worked hard to deliver these properties to our fencing products.

Horse outdoor/indoor Feeders

We supply top of the range equine feeders that are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. All of which are fully galvanised and built from strong construction, to ensure long-lasting benefits. Our corner hay rack bolts directly to the wall and reduces wastage, whilst our automatic waterer self-fills and includes a draining plug for cleaning. This range also includes an equine round bale feeder which includes 12 feed spaces and no top bar which reduces the risk of damaging the horses mane.

Four-Sided Outdoor Equine Feeder

Our four-sided feeder is available in both 12 and 14 space options and is specifically designed to cause no damage to the horses manes. It is complete with a roof to protect against bad weather conditions, is raised from the ground to enable easier feeding options and helps reduce food wastage.

Equine stables

At Teemore Engineering, we realise that your priority is to ensure comfort and safety for your horses’ home and to keep them protected from harmful weather. The welfare of your horses is essential, that’s why our team at Teemore have worked closely together with experts to ensure the design and manufacturing of our indoor and outdoor stables meet the needs of your horses.

Horse stable

Rubber stable mats are important whilst taken care of horses. Horses often slip from getting up from a concrete stable floor, increasing the risk of injury. Using a rubber mat gives the horse a grip similar to that from the ground outside which decreases the chance of injury. Using a rubber mat will reduce bedding costs, improve comfort for your horse and reduce odour.

Our design team have worked together to design and manufacture an all in one stable mat that helps with grip, drainage and reduces bedding costs. This rubber equine mat also includes a 5-year warranty.

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