Heavy-duty plastic & stainless steel

Drinkers & Bowls

Why choose Teemore Engineering for your Drinkers?

  • Long-Lasting Reliable Cow Drinkers

    Constructed from high-quality materials, such as heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel, that are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use on the farm. Our drinkers are ensured to remain in good condition and provide a reliable source of water for cows.

  • Clean, Safe Drinking Water for Livestock

    Designed with safety in mind, our range of drinkers have features such as anti-spill rims and rounded corners to prevent injury, as well as easy-to-clean surfaces. This can help reduce disease transmission and promote better hygiene.

  • Easily Installed Cow Drinker Systems

    We supply a full range of Drinkers, Troughs and Bowls to the agriculture market that caters for a wide variety of installations types and specific requirements. From a Corner Drinkers to Bolt to Wall Drinkers, there is a drinker to suit your specific installation requirements.

Cattle Drinkers, Bowls and Troughs

At Teemore Engineering, we supply a full range of Drinkers, Troughs and Bowls to the agriculture market that caters for a wide variety of installations types and specific requirements.

We understand how important adequate consumption of fresh drinking water is for animal health and yield optimisation.

Our range of drinkers and troughs are suitable for internal or external use, for large or small herd sizes, and for all weather conditions. We understand the need for flexibility and provide solutions to suit all your livestock needs.

Highest Quality

At Teemore Engineering we have been working with farmer’s and agricultural experts for over 40 years, developing a specialist understanding of their needs, and the needs of their animals.

We pride ourselves on the calibre of the drinkers we supply. Only the highest quality stainless steel, concrete and rubber is used in the range of troughs and drinkers that we carry, meaning you get excellent value for money as well as the peace of mind that comes with having confidence in the care of your animals.

Essential Livestock

The total body weight of the typical beef or dairy cow is made up of approximately 60% fluids, including water. In order to stay healthy, hydrated and maintain natural cellular functions, cattle generally require around 50ml of water per kg of body weight each day. That means just over 1 gallon of fluid per 100lbs of body weight. In summer, high yield cows have been known to consume up to 40 gallons of water per day.

Cattle Drinking

As environmental stress and restricted water access during transport present regular windows for dehydration, it is essential for beef and dairy farmers to invest in quality drinking solutions for their herd. Depending on requirements, a combination of different drinkers, troughs and bowls may be needed so that your cows have easy access to clean drinking water to ensure effective hydration.

The right drinking solution is also essential to avoid contamination of your cattle’s drinking water by manure or feed waste.

Drinkers Range

Our Fast Empty Drinker range gives the farmer a quick and effective way to refresh the water supply and ensure clean drinking water for livestock. The Fast Empty Drinker is available in both fully galvanised and stainless steel varieties, in sizes to suit all farm animal housing needs through combinations of varying volume, width and length.

Our Fast Empty Drinkers are designed to be tapered towards the valve which helps the drinker flush out more efficiently when emptying. Adjustable legs that ensure correct height positioning add to the flexibility of our Fast Empty Drinkers and are available with wall mounting brackets for increased stability.

La Buvette Drinking Bowls

Available as a double or single bowl, the La Buvette range are self-fill and feature an efficient float and plug system for easier cleaning. Made from robust cast iron and designed to fill from the bottom, the La Buvette double and single bowls are also available with an optional rump rail.

Teemore Drinker

In addition to our Fast Empty Drinkers and the La Buvette range of bowls, we supply a variety of other drinker options to meet all livestock hydration needs. Featuring a side water connection and a 15 litre capacity, our Standard Drinker is durable and ideal for beef housing and calving pens. We also have a robust and compact cast Nozzle Drinker.

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