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Crushes & Handling

Why choose Teemore Engineering for your Crushes & Handling Units?

  • Safe and Sturdy Handling Equipment

    Our range of cow crushes and handling equipment are designed to ensure the safety and welfare of both cows and workers. They feature sturdy construction and well-designed restraint systems to prevent injury to cows during handling, and ergonomic features to reduce the risk of injury to workers.

  • Tailored Crushes and Handling Solutions

    We offer bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs of individual farms and herds. This ensures that the equipment is optimised for the size and temperament of the cows being handled, as well as the specific handling tasks required.

  • User-Focused Crushes and Handling Equipment

    Teemore cow crushes and handling equipment are designed to be easy to use, with features such as adjustable controls, quick-release mechanisms, and intuitive layouts to streamline handling tasks and minimise stress for cows.

Cattle Crushes, Races, Livestock Handling and Lairage

We have a wide range of both off-the-shelf and bespoke, made-to-order solutions for livestock handling. With years of on-farm experience, our team can advise on the most effective and efficient options for your livestock handling needs, from calf dehorning crates to heavy duty crush and race equipment.

We at Teemore Engineering know that the safety of both the handler and animal are paramount, and so only manufacture and select proven quality equipment that is both safe and secure.

Teemore Cattle

Animal behavioural research has found that animals with less stressful experiences are more willing to repeat a procedure. Taking this into account, we’ve designed our Cattle Crush to minimise stress for the cows, and focused on the features which improve the experience for both animal and handler.

We have applied our years of experience to the design of the crush, accounting for handler position, noise reduction and strength and security. With our unique 3-piece cage and rear yoke side leaver special noise reduction features, the Teemore Crush reduces stress and resistance from the animal, which results in a faster throughput of cows for the busy farmer.

Bespoke Crush Designs for Marts, Abattoirs and More

Our design team have worked extensively on delivering handling systems for marts, abattoir’s and other bespoke handling facilities. From straight forward penning and lairage, to advanced races with isolation and selection systems, we work closely with the client to provide a world class solution.

Our Engineering team can provide 3D modelling and “walk through” technology so the client can envisage exactly how the system will work. We also supply a range of portable beef crushes and dairy crushes together with universal crushes and portable hoof trimming equipment.

Portable Crush

The Teemore Portable Crush range features robust crushes for the specific needs of both Dairy and Beef farmers. Both our Dairy and Beef Crushes possess rear ratchet Rump bars, back gates, forklift pockets, and are all fully galvanised.

Other portable crush solutions we provide include the Universal Hoof Tech Crush, Uni 2000 and Universal Cattle Tech, with removable side bars for easy access.

Our Semi-Auto Hoof Trimmer boasts a manual side winch with double belly band for maximum animal comfort, as well as a simple rear ratchet system for ease of use

Cattle Crush

At Teemore Engineering, we provide a wide range of flexible and durable cattle crush accessories, to allow farmers to customise and upgrade their equipment in line with their handling needs.

Our Weigh Platform features a non-slip chequered aluminium base, and comes with 24 hour support, 365 days of the year thanks to the Digistar weigh system.

We have a Head Scoop designed to suit all types of cattle crushes, and make routine tasks safer and easier, as well as strong, durable and fully galvanised Anti Backing Bars, Leg Winches, Crush Back/Side Access Gates and Guillotine Gates.

Race Construction

We manufacture and stock a full range of livestock handling products that can be incorporated into any farm facility to suit customer requirements. Our Post and Rail System is ideal for sloping ground and can be tailor made for a variety of size specifications.

Our heavy duty Post and Panel System allows excellent access, with panels opening on either side or removed if necessary, and is available in various hanging options.

We also have customisable Jourdain Circular Handling Systems that feature 2 and 3 metre Crush Panels, Chicanes, and Circular Forcing Pens all expertly designed for improved cattle flow.

We’re proud of our Cattle Crush range, and we’re confident you’ll be happy with the solutions we provide. Get in touch to discuss your needs via our contact page. We’ll be happy to help.

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