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Calf Equipment

Why choose Teemore Engineering for your Calf Equipment?

  • Equipment that Prioritises Calf Safety

    Teemore Calf Equipment is designed to be safe for calves with features such as calf guards on each position, calf headlocks with adjustable ends and collar widths, and diagonal barriers that prevent calves from escaping.

  • Flexible and Adjustable Calf Range

    The range of calf equipment offered by Teemore is flexible and can be fully adjusted to suit varying calf sizes and needs. This includes a variety of calf posts, brackets, and adjustable feed rails, separation panels, and access panels.

  • High-Quality and Durable Calf Equipment

    Teemore offers a range of high-quality and durable calf pens and hutches that are designed to provide a healthy, safe environment for calves to thrive in. The calf hutches come with a 10-year limited warranty, are completely opaque for calf comfort and security, and have top roof vents for improved ventilation.

Teemore Calf Equipment

At Teemore, we know just how important the early years of an animal’s life are to give it the best start, and ensure a healthy flourishing animal. We have carefully selected a range of calf equipment, boasting some of the world’s leading products for calf rearing and management. Combining animal welfare with an eye on efficiency, we provide the farmer with a range of calf equipment to help maximise animals’ growth potential and provide a healthy, safe environment.

Calf Equipment

Our range of calf equipment includes Calf Headlocks available in 1 to 10 head spaces, suitable for calves up to six months, featuring adjustable ends and collar widths for varying calf sizes. There are also calf guards on each position for added animal safety.

We have a Calf Diagonal Barrier available in 9, 12 and 16 head space options made from tubular steel for calf comfort and featuring a unique diagonal design that prevents calves from escaping.

We also stock 2 Bar Feed Rails, Calf Separation Panels and 4 Bar Access Panels which are all fully adjustable and come in a variety of different sizes, as well a wide selection of calf posts and brackets.

Indoor Calf Reering Pens

Our range of quality Calf Pens include the Teemore Calf Pen and the Jourdain Calf Pen, both of which come with two buckets with an optional teat bucket. Both Pens include a choice of wooden or plastic floors.

For a flexible, portable solution, we supply Agri Plastic Calf Pens which are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled for efficient transporting and cleaning. The Agri Plastic Calf Pen also allows for height adjustment and boasts excellent ventilation thanks to rear rotary vents.

Calf Hutches

All of our Calf Hutches come with 10 year limited warranties, are completely opaque for calf comfort and security, and have top roof vents for improved ventilation. We have a Deluxe SL Calf Hutch, and a Group Calf Hutch, both of which are compatible with optional front penning solutions.

Calf Accessories

Our extensive range of calf accessories includes a variety of Hay Racks, Troughs, Feeders, Teat Buckets, Starter Bowls, Bottles and Bottle Holders.

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