New ventilation products for calf housing, smaller cow sheds and equine facilities


Tube Ventilation System

Hydor’s Tube Ventilation System supplies fresh air to all parts of the building to dilute airborne pathogens and irritants. This system is particularly suitable for calf housing, smaller cow sheds and equine facilities

Features & Benefits

  • Positive air movement
  • Air distribution to the animals immediate environment
  • Reduced cases of pneumonia due to improved air quality and even temperature
  • Simple installation
  • Low running costs
  • Up to 100ft tube with holes positioned according to customer requirements

HV Hanging Belt Drive Fan

The Hydor HV Hanging Belt Drive fan unit is specifically designed to ventilate agricultural buildings and support the minimum ventilation requirements of livestock. The range provides high air output combined with minimal energy consumption.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces heat stress of your animal
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • High air output with minimal energy usage
  • Extensively tested in agriculture
  • ErP compliant

Turbulator Recirculation Fan 

The Turbulator range of recirculation fans provide constant airflow and are suitable for all year round ventilation. Its strong construction was designed specifically for long service life in poultry, dairy and horticulture, removing condensation and maintaining even temperature and humidity.

Features & Benefits