SR Slat Rubber

New reinforced design with a high grip profile and 8 year warranty.

The award winning Slat Rubber System was designed to improve animal comfort welfare and the performance of beef cattle house on concrete slats.

Our SR Slat Rubber System has a superior grip which increases animal mobility in the wlakways. The unique design features a high grip diamond surface, with a sloped profile and ribbed under surface.

Our new reinforced desing has a high grip profile with 8 year warranty.

The cushioning effect of the rubber increase standing times at the feed fence, this results in higher feed intake and increased average daily weight gains.

The patented product has an easy to fit rubber-wedge solution and is made from the highest quality natural rubber compound.

Our slatted rubber floor covering had been design to fit old and new concrete slats.


  • high quality rubber
  • improved group
  • patented single wedge design
  • reduces foot related issues
  • suitable for both old and new slats
  • proven increase in daily live weight gain
  • 8 year warranty

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