Magellan S Type

Dry Hoof, Healthy Hoof. Supplied with rubber blade to suit all automatic scrapers.


  • bacteriological problems such as dermatitis can be effectively controlled
  • reduces lameness
  • the liquids flow into the grooves ensuring a dryer hoof
  • ensures a drier hoof leading to a more resilient hoof
  • studies have shown less hoof horn growth with drier hooves
  • less hoof injuries from stones being removed via channels
  • the seperation of the liquid from the manure reduces the ammonia emissions by 40%-60% because 80%-90% of the slats are covered
  • magellan is a rubber active passageway flooring combining comfort and traction
  • scraper with rubber fingers runs every 2 hours
  • creates a cleaner and more comfortable environment for the cow
  • 28mm thick
  • length and width made to measure

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