The Magellan is a 25mm thick roll of rubber with grooves 20mm deep and 25mm wide running the same directing of the alleyway and scraper. The rubber is reinforced with textile to maintain stability. The top surface has small stud and little channels at 6% slope directed towards the grooves.

What is unique?

Where all rubber floors will give some improvement to hoof problems as a result of less injury and bruising, Magellan groove will also reduce the amount of contact the hoof has with the liquid. The flooring also ensures the liquids drain away rapidly and therefore lowering the ammonia by 40%.

How is it cleaned?

The floor can be cleaned by various means:

  • Rope or Hydraulic scarpers fitted with a finger blade to clean the grooves
  • Fork mounted sweeping brush
  • Flush system


    Putting any rubber reduces the impact the hoof has with the concrete as the animals move. Small stones which cause injury and bruising make their way into the grooves and no longer have direct contact with the hoof significantly lowering the incidents of lameness.
    The hoof is elevated above the liquid ensuring the hoof is dry reducing the incidence of digital dermatitis also known as Mortellaro disease.
    The combination of the grooves and studs gives Magellan unrivalled grip. The cows show more natural behaviour making it easier to observe heats and lowers the risk of injury.
    The fast evacuation of the liquid into the grooves and out of the building into the storage tanks, reduces the ammonia given off by 40% from the floor improving overall air quality within the building and positively impacts on overall air quality.


The flooring can be installed in New and existing buildings. The rubber is fixed to the concrete using concrete fixings. Hydraulic scrapers should be adjusted to allow for the rubber depth.


A rubber flooring system which is reducing ammonia by 40% and digital dermatitis by 50% has a positive future in UK livestock farms. Grant is currently available.

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