Estate Fencing

This product is a five bar fence, made up of one cylindrical bar and four flat bars. These bars are bent on site to create the best look to the finished product and connected together using flat connectors and tube joiners. Flat posts are placed every 1.2mtrs creating a symmetrical look! Corner posts can be purchased to create a 90 degree angle, plus extra insulated brackets can be installed on the field side to allow an electric fence to be fitted. This prevents animals rubbing against the fence. The estate fencing comes galvanised so it is recommended to let it sit a few weeks before attempting to paint.

*do not paint before installation due to potential damage*


  • strong and durable material
  • Ideal for avenues, house boundaries and farm yards
  • is bent into shape during installation
  • can purchase electric fence bracket and insulator to prevent livestock from rubber against the fence

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