Cubicles and Cubicle Housing Gates

We’ve been supplying top quality cow cubicles to the dairy farming industry throughout the UK and Ireland for over 30 years, continually improving the products to meet the latest developments in cattle housing, and changing to suit the industry’s specific needs in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

Whether you need a bespoke cubicle housing solution, or you’re looking for some of the industry’s most popular cow cubicles, we can help

As a dairy farmer, your priority is to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of your cattle, optimizing milk yield and performance, enhancing the health of your herd, and ultimately maximizing profitability.

Our team have worked in conjunction with dairy experts to design and manufacture cow cubicles which achieve all of this, whilst allowing you to maximize the cubicle housing space available to you.

Quality Cow Cubicles

We understand the need for robust cubicle systems, which are built to last. Our cubicles are built to the highest standard:

  • High Specification Rolled Steel tubing 3.65mm Loops
  • Hot dipped galvanized conforming EM10255 specification
  • 4mm Support Posts with plastic cap
  • Unique Anti Corrosive Sleeve for longer life
  • Fixing bolts and nuts are nickel plated high tensile steel
  • 3 U-bolt Headrail Bracket

Flexible Cow Cubicle Solutions

We can provide cubicles to suit all your needs:

  • Cubicles suited to all cattle types from Large Holstien to Sucklers to Small Crossbreeds or Jersey cows
  • Cubicle solutions for every lifestage: with calf cubicles available for 0-6 month or 6-12 month calves, and heifer cubicles designed for heifers from 12-18 months or 18-24 months
  • Cubicles for both beef and dairy herds, from the smallest to the largest
  • Varying lengths to suit your cubicle beds
  • Bespoke cubicle design and manufacture option
  • Single row and head to head solutions
  • Varying cubicle mounting options: Single Post System, Post and rail (adjustable system) and bolt to wall solutions
  • Options for different cubicle beds: concrete/ sand beds
  • Suitable for new build, or existing cattle accommodation

Cattle Comfort

Dairy cows need comfortable conditions in order to maximise performance. Our cubicles are designed to allow unrestricted lunging space, and to allow cows to manoeuvre themselves in the most natural way, leaving them free to stand up and lie down with greater ease and comfort, and to ensure the cows can ruminate whilst lying down. We also stock the Jourdain Cowflex, which has a flexible bottom rail, giving the cow even greater comfort when lying down.

Cleaner Conditions

Your cow cubicles should be designed to promote cleaner conditions, thus helping to maintain the health of your herd. We provide cubicles which are designed to do this, giving greater control over where the cows urinate and defecate to ensure this is done in the passageway rather than in the cubicle bed.

Our Zig-Zag Head Rail and Elite Sand Cubicles are designed to ensure the cow will lay straighter, optimizing both cleanliness and comfort. We also have cubicles which are designed using smooth, curved surfaces for ease of cleaning.

Cubicle Health and Safety

The welfare of your herd is essential, and your choice of cow cubicles should ensure the health and safety of all your cows through effective design. Consideration of head room, and the allowance of enough space for the cows’ natural lunging movements is important to ensure your cows are comfortable, and to avoid the cows getting trapped

Increased comfort means the cows are more likely to enter the cubicles without hesitation, and results in reduced stress for the animals.

The cubicles are designed to encourage optimum positioning for urinating and defecating onto the aisle.

Designed around cattle behaviour

With over 30 years’ experience and study, and first-hand knowledge of cows’ behaviour, we have continually adapted our cow cubicles to be more suited to the natural behavior of the cows, ensuring greater comfort and wellbeing.

We have cubicle housing solutions which allow the cows the optimum space for lunging, rumination, standing and lying down in the most natural way. All of this improves the welfare of your cattle, and helps to increase productivity.

Innovation in Cow Cubicle Design

Working with dairy farming experts, we continue to develop innovative cow cubicle solutions to suit the UK and Irish dairy farming markets. Our latest innovation has seen the creation of our Deluxe Cow Cubicles, which are open fronted cubicles, designed to provide unrestricted lunging space.

Our range of cow cubicles solutions have been designed to provide the right balance of comfort, space optimization, and health and safety. To discuss your needs, or to order your cow cubicles, simply get in touch on 02867 748377(NI/UK) or 0044 28677 48377(ROI) and we’ll be happy to help.