Agri-Plastics Flex Pen

The new Agri-Plastics Flex-Pen is the first of its kind on the market to date. This new stand-alone Flex-Pen has a detachable centre panel so calves can be grouped together or housed individually for health or welfare reasons. It also has multiple “flexible” setup configurations and can be extended to any length the customer wishes.


  • adjustable bucket heights
  • optional quick release wire bottle holder or teat bucket
  • flex pen is also available for the european housing standard
  • reinforced steel frame inside the front panel
  • effcient calf viewing
  • easy to clean and light weight
  • moulded from heavy gauge plastic
  • units can also be wall mounted
  • compatible with robotic feeding
  • adjustable rear rotary vents

Options Available

Code Description
6 foot side panel includes connecting rods
Double rear panel includes 2 year rotary vents
Double rear panel
Wall channel
Group housing crossbar 6 foot pen

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