Bespoke calf rearing unit working a treat on Castlederg farm


Frazer Young farms with his father Herbie on the outskirts of Castlederg in Co Tyrone. The centre piece of the farm is a recently constructed calf house, which can hold up to 80 calves in total comfort. Its bespoke design reflects Frazer’s commitment to put in place a facility that meets the specific needs of young calves.

A service technician, working specifically with Lely milking robots, Frazer has a strong engineering background. As a result, he has been able to draw upon many of the themes adapted in the development of bespoke calf rearing facilities in countries around the world.

“My father and I buy in calves directly off farm,” he said.

“We are particularly interested in stock that qualify for the Aberdeen Angus quality scheme. Given that we are buying from farmers whom we know well is an added insurance that the calves got the best possible start.

“The new facility was completed a few months ago. It is currently home to 60 calves.”

Anyone visiting the unit for the first time will immediately take note of the excellent ventilation in the shed. The unit is 60 feet and 40 feet wide. All the calves on milk have 24:7 access to a Lely robotic feeding system. In addition, the straw bedded area in each of the four pens provides ample room and comfort for the calves. The urine and other waste liquids produced by the calves run down to a centrally located slurry channel. As a result, there is absolutely no smell in the new facility.

All of the internal fittings within the new house were supplied by Teemore Engineering. These include adjustable, telescopic gates, which make easy access to the calves in the various pens a very straightforward process.

As a means of improving the ventilation in the new shed Frazer and Herbie commissioned two Clonmel Covers’ wind breakers. Again, these were supplied by Teemore Engineering.

 “Each wind breaker is 15 feet long and 6 feet in height,” Frazer explained.

“They have been fitted to the side of the building which is least exposed to the heavy weather, which we can expect in this part of the world.

“They are doing a tremendous job in terms of providing the calves with plenty of fresh air in a draught free environment. We can easily lift or move the covers, if required.”

Teemore Engineering manufactures and distributes a range of high quality products, designed to improve animal performance and comfort. But every farm is different. Sheds, pens and other farm facilities come in different shapes and have different dimensions.

“As a result, a one size fits all approach to fitting out a new livestock house does not meet the requirement of every customer,” confirmed Teemore’s Ray Foy.

He added:

“In response we are now in a position to design, manufacture and install the specific equipment items that meet the exact specification of the house or shed to be fitted out. This is a customised service, which is already proving popular with our customers throughout Northern Ireland and beyond.

“The range of equipment items included in this bespoke package includes feed barriers, pen dividing gates, drinkers and our extensive range of cattle handling facilities.”

For further information, contact Teemore Engineering on (028) 6774 8377